About the company

      Shanghai lanxia industrial development co., ltd. was established in 1997. It has subordinated machine manufacture company Shanghai lanqiang machinery co., ltd. Shanghai lanxia industrial development co., ltd has a registered capital of 5 million RMB, since set up the production value above 10 million RMB every year, the main export business is Japan, the internal business is for the foreign capital enterprise processing mechanical spare parts according to CAD picture. This company has 8 over advanced technic expert mechanical electrical engineer, and has general designed capacity in machine equipments area.

     Under the Shanghai Economic committee's help in 2007, for the company's project development, import the equipment for production in the project successfully, the major equipments are vertical machine center with 1372mm*635mm table and horizontal machine center with 500mm*500mm table that made in USA.

     Except above this company also has Japanese quality control pattern completely department. The company batch product's quality control continues to use Japan pattern completely, simultaneously company best quantity control system also obtained foreign capital enterprise's approval, has formed the good partner mutually. At present, undergoes the inspection, the American metal products interlink LLC also thought that Our company had has produced the high accuracy components for their company ability, now is trying to make the sample, once after the confirmation may the volume production.

     This company has experience in overseas enterprise order form for many years, in CAD production and then assembles to export etc., for the overseas enterprise's complete set of products with parts and assembles cooperation, had already formed by this company production processing and the cooperative production chain, namely from semifinished materials gathering, by the machine-finishing, simultaneously may carry on the surface treatment, including the painting, plates models.

     Sales of Juki, Brother, Pegasus, Yamato, Siroba, Kingtex and China Typical, Brother Typical, SHUANGGONG, China Pegasus, ironing equipment, spare parts and etc.

     Special equipment product line for shirts, T-shirts, sports shoes, leather shoes and sports caps.

     Special making sewing machines, garment and shoe-making machine in accordance with customer's requirement.

     In summary is this company the work content which operates at present. We through our successful experience until now, always for customer requirement to let customer satisfaction on the product quality, the price and the date of delivery, simultaneously we really sincere hope more foreign capital enterprises are also willing to establish the new partner relations with us, this company insists make customer satisfaction and the trust as management objective.